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Next to your engine, nothing is more important for your car’s performance than the transmission. Taking proper care of your car’s transmission is one of the most important annual services for your car. As the miles add up and your transmission begins to show wear and tear, it can lead to issues in other areas under the hood. Instead of risking your car’s health, make sure that your car’s transmission is always receiving the service it needs. At Auto Europa, we help European auto owners throughout San Rafael take better care of their car’s transmission.

Servicing the Best Brands

European cars are known for their higher standard of performance. At Auto Europa our mechanics know how important quality is when it comes to your car. We currently offer complete transmission services and repairs for the area’s most popular European brands:

Our shop uses the latest factory grade tools and equipment to ensure accurate, high-quality services for your make and model.

Common Transmission Problems

Whether you drive a manual or automatic transmission, these are just a few of the issues that can occur:

  • Grinding/shaking when in gear
  • Unusual noises like clunking or humming
  • Burning smells when driving
  • Slipping out of gear
  • Check engine light stays on
  • Low/leaking transmission fluid

Any of these issues can mean serious issues with your transmission. We offer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on services & repairs to make sure that your car is always properly taken care of.

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Since 1992 the team at Auto Europa has remained dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. We proudly provide European auto services & repairs for drivers throughout the San Rafael area. If your transmission is showing signs of issues or your car needs other services, please call or visit our shop today. Our mechanics are always here to help you get the best for your car and the most out of it.