San Francisco’s Trusted Mercedes Repair Shop

No vehicle has stood the test of time and maintained as high a standard to consistency in performance as Mercedes Benz. For 90 years they have set the precedent for quality and have refused to rest on their laurels as they continually pursue the highest standards of luxury.

Similarly, our service technicians at Auto Europa in San Francisco look to service your Mercedes with the same quality and expertise that went into building it.

Buying a Mercedes is a commitment to timeless comfort and unmatched performance but it doesn’t get there under the care of just anyone. As with anything in your life, maintenance is essential to keep your house, your vehicle or even you yourself functioning properly.

Just as important is properly identifying every little issue that could arise and just like you put tons of time and thought into finding a doctor or a contractor,you should leave your Mercedes in the hands of one of our four master mechanics.

Mercedes can be a fickle vehicle and following its’ maintenance schedule is crucial to preventing costly long-term issues. Every 10,000 miles, Auto Europa will be sure to perform the same complete vehicle inspection that you’d get taking your car to the dealer, along withregular scheduled maintenance like oil changes and routine fluid checks, even resetting your wipe blades. No detail goes unnoticed by our Mercedes specialists and we offer these services at a much better price than you’d get going directly to the local dealership.

With over 30 years of experiencing working with European made vehicles, our technicians are confident we can properly diagnose any potential issue and properly handle whatever our thorough inspection of your Mercedes may find. Customer service isn’t something we take lightly either and the same care given to your vehicle will be given to you to ensure that your experience with us is memorable for all the right reasons.

Drivers know that with their Mercedes Benz, the expectation is that you’ll be driving at another level of comfort and to many; the brand epitomizes the phrase “dream car.” Don’t let that dream become a nightmare and trust Auto Europa with all of your service needs. Located in San Francisco and also servicing Pacific Heights and South of Market, our specialists look forward to maintaining the high standard associated with Mercedes. To schedule an appointment with one of our ASE certified technicians today, please call: 415-882-9970 or use our online contact form.

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