San Francisco’s Specialized Land Rover Repair Shop

When you bought your Land Rover, you knew you were getting a vehicle that could handle every obstacle that the road throws at it. The long winding hills of San Francisco are turned from the bane of your Monday morning commute into your playground.

Auto Europa is here to make sure those good times never stop as we offer a wide range of services to keep your Land Rover ready to go at a moment’s notice. We have decades of experience servicing European made cars and know exactly what your vehicle needs.

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from routine maintenance to more serious reconstructions and services and our specialists are confident that they can get the job done. At Auto Europa we pride ourselves in delivering prompt and high quality work along with top-notch customer service at just a fraction of the cost of most dealers. Drivers know that not catching and fixing an issue quickly can do immense harm to your vehicle for years to come so Auto Europa’s full inspection is just what you need to make sure your car is properly diagnosed and the repair job gets done right, the first time.

We know the joy in driving a Land Rover is the feeling that the road is all yours and routine maintenance is essential to the longevity of your Range Rover or Evoque.It takes a lot to bring a Land Rover down, that dependability is one of the things that makes Land Rover one of the premiere on and off-road vehicles available on the market. However, even the best car in the world still needs routine maintenance and the occasional emergency repair. Should you need any scheduled service or major repairs on your vehicle, know that with Auto Europa you’re leaving your vehicle in the experienced hands of our ASE certified Land Rover specialists, with over 30 years of experience delivering fast and quality service.

Not only have we kept European cars running smoothly through the streets of San Francisco but also we loyally service vehicles from Pacific Heights and South of Market. To keep your Land Rover maneuvering through the hills of the Bay Area like a playground, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today and call: 415-882-9970

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