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Audi’s have become the go to car for fans of European vehicles with function to go along with a good amount of flash. Representing a newer style of car that seamlessly blends high quality technology along with elevating the comfort you expect in a vehicle, Audi has taken what it means to be a luxury car and redefined it to their standards.

Keeping an Audi in balance is key to maintaining the performance and reliability it can give you and Auto Europa’s Audi specialists can handle all of the needs of your vehicle whether it’s maintaining the technology built into it as well as all of the usual upkeep and tuning necessary to keep your car seamlessly running like you want it to.

With over 30 years of experience, Auto Europa has seen the evolution of the Audi into the perfect blend of luxury and technology and not only have we watched closely, but we’ve evolved along with it to ensure that we offer nothing but the best service for European cars in San Francisco. We also help cars from Pacific Heights and South of Market with the level of knowledge and expertise that Audi owners have come to expect.

Audi has become the standard bearer in a wide variety of vehicles, redefining the luxury sedan, the sports car and the SUV and our technicians are well aware of the differences and intricacies unique to every type of Audi out on the road. We fully inspect every vehicle we service to make sure that we find any potential hiccup and repair it to ensure that you’re Audi stays on the road where it belongs.

We pride ourselves on bringing a level of customer service that other places just can’t match and all of our repairs come with a 1-year/12,000 mile warranty. Our technicians bring the same precision and quality you get from a dealer but Auto Europa offers these services at just a fraction of the cost.

Schedule your routine maintenance inspection or make an appointment for any major work or repairs with one of our master mechanics by calling 415-882-9970 today.

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